The Problems with Prior Legal Offenses

Problems You May Face Having a Previous or Prior Offense A.R.S. § 13-105(22) broadly defines a “historical prior felony conviction” as any prior felony conviction that involved one of the following: A mandated term of imprisonment A dangerous offense Illegal control of a criminal enterprise Aggravated driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs …

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What is Aggressive Driving?

The class 1 misdemeanor of aggressive driving occurs when a driver speeds, commits at least two civil traffic violations, and is an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle according to A.R.S. §28-695. The speeding can be either a civil traffic offense (A.R.S. § 28-701(A)) or a class three misdemeanor of excessive speed (A.R.S. §701.02).  …

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Gary L. Rohlwing – Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse Attorney

If you are charged with domestic violence and your substance abuse is part of the problem, you may be able to get a lesser penalty by presenting clear evidence of how it affected your brain and caused the domestic violence.  Your lawyer should be able to: Show that your substance abuse caused the domestic violence …

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Common Factors That Increase Your Blood Alcohol Content

These Are Some Of The Most Common Areas That Can Increase Your Chances of Getting a DUI In 2016, statistics revealed that over 27 people died in car crashes caused by drunk driving in Arizona [editing note:  I’m assuming that these people died in 2016 Arizona drunk driving accidents].  Not all drivers intentionally drink and …

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Causes of Arizona’s High Incarceration Rates

In December 2016, The American Friends Service Committee published a report entitled A New Public Safety Framework for Arizona:  Charting a Path Forward.  The Report gave an overview of the Arizona sentencing laws that led to high rates of incarceration compared to other states. One cause is mandatory sentencing according to A.R.S. § 13-702 through …

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Life after A DUI Arrest – How Can It Affect You

Partying and drinking is fun. However, driving while you are drunk is never a good idea. In fact, you should never do it. You are not only putting your life at risk but also your passengers and other people on the road. Moreover, you can get arrested and jailed for driving under the influence. Being …

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