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When You Need a Forgery Defense Lawyer in Arizona

What is a Forgery Crime?

A person might commit forgery by simply signing a document using another person’s name. Some minors fabricate their age on their driver’s licenses without knowing that it’s a felony. However, forgery is often intended to deceive in order to allow the perpetrator to profit financially.

Based on the Penal Code § 470, there are 4 types of acts which can be termed forgery. These are considered serious crimes that can be punished as a felony or a misdemeanor.

Acts that are Considered Forgery

  • Using someone else’s name to sign documents without any authorization. An example of this is signing another person’s check with a forged signature. This act may also be prosecuted as burglary.
  • Recreating another person’s handwriting or seal without any authorization. Minors changing the birth date on their driver’s licenses fall under this category. This act and other fake ID crimes are often considered misdemeanors.
  • Falsifying legal documents. Legal documents that fall under this type are quitclaim deeds, wills, and court records. This act is commonly used in loan applications and elder financial exploitations.
  • Altering, recreating, creating, or publishing false documents. Acts of this type are usually related to money, sales, stocks, and exchange or transfer of properties or goods. Falsified documents include wills, trusts, deeds, and notarized documents.

Possible Punishments of Forgery Charges

Forgery can be considered as a felony or a misdemeanor. For a misdemeanor, the maximum punishment is 1 year of imprisonment in a county jail. As for a felony, the maximum punishment without any enhancements is 3 years. In some cases, a civil compromise will result in a case being dismissed. This means that the defendant will not receive any punishment, given that the agreement between both parties will be fulfilled.

Defenses Against Forgery Related Offenses

Defenses can be used to prevent criminal conviction if someone is charged with a forgery-related offense. These are several defenses that can be built against a forgery case.

  • The alleged victim may have given consent to the act. The prosecutor would certainly seek for verification if consent was given. The police ask this question when a forgery complaint is alleged.
  • The act may not have been committed knowingly. A defense can be made if there weren’t any intentions to defraud. If there’s enough strong evidence or proof, the case will automatically fall flat; though this may be a difficult defense to justify.
  • The evidence in question is misleading. This may indicate that there is the possibility that the person charged is innocent of the forgery charges. It may mean that the documents presented didn’t defraud anyone. It can also mean that the person charged didn’t do the act at all because someone else did it.

Hiring an Experienced Criminal Forgery Lawyer

Building a strong case requires not only enough proof, but also an experienced lawyer. If you have been charged with a forgery-related offense, you want representation from someone who’s experienced in felony and criminal crimes. A forgery offense can become a felony, which is a federal crime. If this happens, it will affect your life forever and, since criminal cases are complicated, you will need help from an experienced criminal attorney like Gary L. Rohlwing.

Putting your case into the hands of a criminal defense attorney who’ll try to steer away from trials won’t help your case. If the prosecutor decides to put your case on trial, your lawyer will need to prepare and build a strong defense. Keep in mind that you need to hire a qualified representative who is trained for these kinds of situations. Being represented by an experienced and qualified criminal attorney such as Gary L. Rohlwing will greatly impact the success of your defense.

Contact the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing if you’re in Arizona and if you’ve been charged with a forgery-related offense. Don’t take your chances with a felony conviction because of a poorly-built defense. Get represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney like Gary L. Rohlwing.

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