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Avondale City /Municipal Court
11325 West Civic Center Drive
Avondale, AZ   85323

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Take Madison St to S Avondale Blvd

Head southwest on Madison St toward Civic Center Dr
Restricted usage road

Turn left onto Civic Center Dr

Take I-10 E and N 59th Ave to N 55th Ave in Glendale

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto S Avondale Blvd

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right to merge onto I-10 E toward Phoenix

Take exit 137 for 67th Ave

Turn left onto N 59th Ave
Pass by Church’s Chicken (on the left in 3.2 mi)

Turn right onto W Glendale Ave

Turn left onto N 55th Ave
Destination will be on the left

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DUI & Criminal Legal Defense in Avondale, AZ

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Avondale, Arizona you can face serious penalties. That’s over and above acquiring a tainted record. These penalties range from fines to jail time. Is it possible to reduce the penalties or get a lower sentencing? The answer is “yes” but that is only possible if you will have a strong legal advocate by your side.

You want to obtain a good criminal defense lawyer in Avondale that has the experience like the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing. We can aggressively represent you and provide you with an unbiased legal defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Avondale, AZ

Criminal defense lawyers are lawyers who have been trained and educated on how to effectively protect companies and individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses. Our specialization is in the field of criminal law in Avondale, AZ. This is the field of law that is generally concerned with crimes.

Criminal law has the following functions:

  • Regulation of social conduct
  • Defines what is threatening to properties, moral welfare, safety, and health of people
  • Defines the appropriate punishments for people who did something against the law

Criminal law is different from civil law. In criminal law, the emphasis is geared on resolving disputes and determining the right compensation that should be given to victims of crimes. Civil law, on the other hand, emphasizes more on the punishment.

We will educate you on the objectives of the law and the differences. In the event that you lose the case, you will have a sufficient understanding of the motivations behind the imposition of the punishment.

Here are the objectives:

  • Restoration – This is a theory of punishment that is centered on the victim’s circumstance. The victim’s injury will be repaired as a result. In other words, the punishment will enable the victim to return to the position that he had before the commission of the crime.
  • Rehabilitation – The aim here is to transform the offender into a useful member of the community. The rehabilitation is expected to prevent the offender from committing more offenses in the future. The offender will be convinced that what he did was wrong and unconstructive.
  • Incapacitation – This type of punishment has the purpose of alienating the offender from society. As a result of this, the public is deemed to have been given protection from the offender’s conduct. Prison sentences, death penalty, and banishment are examples under this type.
  • Deterrence – There are two types of deterrence punishment: individual deterrence and general deterrence. The first type is focused on the offender only. Sufficient penalty is given to the offender hoping that they will no longer commit crimes in the future.General deterrence, on the other hand, is more focused on the effect of the punishment given on the society as a whole. Because of the punishment given, other individuals will be careful not to commit the same crime that was committed by the offender.
  • Retribution – The idea is those who offend should be punished one way or the other. This is the motivation that is widely acceptable. Criminals took advantage or caused damage against others. Because of this, they should be given punishments so that they too can feel disadvantaged. This is the act of “balancing the scales”.

Be honest with your lawyer, whether you are guilty or not of the crime with which you have been charged. Details of what actually happened are especially useful to us in preparing your criminal defense case in Avondale, AZ courts. We have various options to use to convince the other party to settle with a lower form of punishment. Make sure that we have only the truth with which to work on.

DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer in Avondale

A DUI attorney is a specialist in cases involving drunk driving. In Avondale, Arizona, the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit is 0.08 percent. If the BAC level was 0.05 or less, the presumption is the driver is not under the influence of intoxicating liquor. Should the level be more than 0.05 but less than 0.08, the presumption is the driver is not under the influence of alcohol. In this case, the arresting police officer is constrained to provide more convincing evidence before a case can be filed.

If your case is a DUI in an Avondale, AZ court, hiring a lawyer with extensive experience like Gary L. Rohlwing is your best option. We have been providing DUI legal defense for over 20 years. As a former prosecutor, we also understand how the appointed prosecutors approach DUI cases.

License suspension or revocation is the minimum penalty. For first offense, the penalty is 90 days suspension, then 1 year for the second, and 3 years for the third offense. A person who is considered DUI while his license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled may be charged with aggravated DUI.

We provide a free initial consultation on all DUI/DWI cases. If we take on your case, make sure on your first visit to bring with you pertinent documents to the case. DMV letters and police reports are samples of the documents that can help us in assessing your case.

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Avondale, AZ

Domestic violence is considered a serious crime anywhere in the country, but what constitutes a commission of the crime varies from state to state. Domestic violence is committed when there is a pattern of physical assault, intimidation, battery, sexual assault and other abusive behavior done against another member of the family.

As a good domestic violence defense lawyer, we will cover all potential outcomes and advise you of all your options. Depending on if this is the first incident also determines our course of action to help with your legal representation.

We can clearly and simply explain the criminal charge that has been filed against you as well as what it entails. We are able to educate you on your legal rights, what your accuser has to do, and how evidence will be used to prove your guilt.

If you are facing a criminal charge, DUI charge or domestic violence charge in Avondale, AZ, get in touch with The Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing to represent you and help you understand your legal rights. Call us today at (623) 937-1692 for a free initial consultation.

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