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Do You Need To Hire a Criminal or DUI Lawyer in Litchfield Park, AZ?

The Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing specialize in 3 areas of the law in Litchfield Park, AZ. These specializations that we practice in are: criminal legal defense, DUI legal defense and domestic violence legal defense. We have handled over 3000 cases and as a former prosecutor, your best legal defense in Litchfield Park is to call our team.

Our team can help you in several ways and each case we handle is different:

  1. Obtain a not guilty verdict
  2. Lessen the charges
  3. Decrease penalties
  4. Decrease fines or jail time

Depending on the crime, evidence and witnesses, we will do our best to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Directions from the Litchfield Park Magistrate Court to Our Office

Litchfield Park City/Municipal Court House

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Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
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Head south toward W Wigwam Blvd

Turn right onto W Wigwam Blvd

Turn right onto N Litchfield Rd

Turn right onto W Camelback Rd

Turn left onto N Dysart Rd

Turn right after Pizza Hut (on the left)

Turn left onto N 55th Ave
Destination will be on the left

Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing
7112 N 55th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301
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What an Experienced Criminal Lawyer Can Do For You

Generally, a criminal lawyer handles the defense or prosecution of a criminal case. They may also handle the civil aspect of the case depending on the crime committed. For example, a person murdered another person. Murder is a crime not only against the person but also against the state. The person will be first prosecuted before he is adjudged guilty of the crime. If the prosecution was able to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt, he will serve his sentence (according to the punishment as read by the judge) which is commensurate to the crime he has committed. He will also be liable to pay civil indemnity to the relatives of the deceased person.

A criminal lawyer will also handle the defense of your case. Under the constitution, all persons accused of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution lawyer is obligated, to prove to the best of his ability, all the elements of the crime beyond reasonable doubt. One element of murder is intent to kill. If the prosecution failed to prove that element, the case would be dismissed for lack of proof. If you want the best criminal defense lawyers in Litchfield Park, you may want to consider contacting the Legal Offices of Gary Rohlwing and our team.

There are two kinds of criminal lawyers. Some are privately employed while some are working for the government. Usually, those lawyers hired by private firms offer expensive legal services. Hence, there must be a counsel of office or lawyers appointed by the court for those who cannot afford the services of a private lawyer. The advantage of being a government lawyer is that the lawyer is being paid regularly even without clients. On the other hand, the advantage of those working in private law firms is they can attract high paying clients by establishing good reputation. We offer a free initial consultation on criminal cases.

DUI/DWI Legal Defense Attorney in Litchfield Park

Each state has its own definition of this offense, though it is often known as driving under the influence. A person suspected of drunk driving is subjected to a series of tests called sobriety tests. The breathalyzer test, for example, is conducted on the offending person to determine if the amount of alcohol in his bloodstream is enough to charge him/her for DUI. A blood alcohol content of 0.08% while driving a motor vehicle is enough to prosecute a person for drunk driving in Litchfield Park, Arizona. For commercial vehicles, it is lower at .04% blood alcohol content is enough to prosecute a person for a DUI.

A DUI lawyer is also a criminal lawyer specializing in driving under influence cases. Without DUI lawyers, your driver’s license may be easily revoked. We will inform you of your rights and obligations under federal and state laws. This can help you protect yourself from saying or doing anything that could be incriminating. However, the police are also obligated (when they arrest you) to inform you of your Miranda rights.

Miranda rights are essentially your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. This Miranda spiel is very important in prosecuting criminal cases, especially DUI cases, since any statement made in the custodial investigation or police lineup, without the aforesaid warning, would not be admitted as evidence in any legal proceeding.

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Domestic violence lawyers are also criminal lawyers specializing in domestic violence. Under state laws, domestic violence is an abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) committed by one person against the other during the existence of an intimate relationship. The parties may or may not be married. Moreover, the abuse can be committed not only against the partner but also against his or her children.

A domestic violence lawyer is also a lawyer specializing in persons and family relations. Generally, they can advise the person about child custody and divorce because one of the grounds for divorce or child custody (under some state laws) is violence or abuse by one of the parties. If a person’s right to life and liberty is at stake, they can also file a petition in court for a protection order against the offending person. If you want to know more about the provisional remedies for protecting your rights as a victim of domestic violence, contact the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing.

On the other hand, as a domestic violence lawyer, we can also determine if the allegations of domestic violence against you are unscrupulous or without basis. After all, the job of a domestic violence lawyer is not only to prosecute the guilty but also to protect the innocent from malicious charges.

Your right to live peacefully in your house is a primordial right guaranteed by federal and state laws. Hence, it is recommended that you obtain the services of a criminal defense lawyer specializing in domestic violence cases in Litchfield Park like Gary Rohlwing Law Offices.

Always check the track record of the lawyer that you are going to hire. Remember that no lawyer can guarantee you a win in any case. They can only do so much even if you cooperate. You must disclose to us all the facts of the case. These facts can help prove your innocence or provide you a decreased sentencing. Call the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing for a free initial case consultation at (623) 937-1692.

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