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What Are the Penalties for a Second DUI in Arizona?

Here are 7 Potential Penalties for a Second DUI in Arizona Second DUI penalties in Arizona vary depending on the circumstances. Potential consequences include jail time, fines, community service hours, and license suspension or revocation. However, the type of penalty you receive will depend on your age, whether this is your first offense or not, …

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Critical Elements of Drug & DUI Charges in Arizona

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime that can have serious consequences. When you add drugs into the mix, you are talking about a completely different animal. If you face these charges in the state of Arizona, you will need to find a defense attorney who can aggressively argue your case. The law …

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Managing Multiple Offenses – What You Need to Know

Being convicted of a misdemeanor DUI once is tough enough. It becomes much tougher if you are arrested for a second misdemeanor DUI. Another conviction would mean additional prison time, heavier fines, longer license suspension, and more loss of your personal reputation. When facing multiple DUI charges, it is best to work with a lawyer …

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The Problems with Prior Legal Offenses

Problems You May Face Having a Previous or Prior Offense A.R.S. § 13-105(22) broadly defines a “historical prior felony conviction” as any prior felony conviction that involved one of the following: A mandated term of imprisonment A dangerous offense Illegal control of a criminal enterprise Aggravated driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs …

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