Life after A DUI Arrest – How Can It Affect You

Partying and drinking is fun. However, driving while you are drunk is never a good idea. In fact, you should never do it. You are not only putting your life at risk but also your passengers and other people on the road. Moreover, you can get arrested and jailed for driving under the influence. Being arrested for driving under the influence can affect your life in more ways than one.

What Life Changes You Can Expect After a DUI

A DUI charge can haunt you for the rest of your life. It is a permanent entry in your criminal record. Your face will be in the police department’s database of mugshots along with your fingerprints. This will make any routine traffic stop more complicated. You are also more likely to be doubted by the authorities because of your record.

You should value your driver’s license since you need it to legally drive. If you are caught driving while intoxicated then you can kiss your license goodbye for a while. Your license can be suspended from 6 months to 2 years based on a DUI violation. You will not be able to drive your car to work or anywhere else without the risk of hurting your case.

Applying for admission to college is also harder for those who have a DUI record. A criminal record affects how colleges consider your application. More universities and colleges are becoming more thorough when doing background checks on their applicants. No school wants a student with a criminal record. It is still possible but it will be extremely difficult to get in.

Finding a great job will be very difficult for a DUI offender. Most companies will steer away from DUI offenders since this offense results in a criminal record. Most companies have a policy against hiring people with criminal records. Even if they give you a chance at an interview, you will have a hard time justifying why you have a DUI conviction. Overall, a DUI conviction will make finding a job very hard for offenders.

Another thing that can be affected by a DUI history is your ability to travel around the world. Certain countries will deny people with criminal records entry and that includes DUI convictions. This can also be a red flag when applying for immigration. You are ruining your chances of exploring the world or becoming a legal citizen by choosing to drive while drunk.

Driving under the influence is never a good thing. It’s not only all the effects on your life that you have to worry about. You can die because of a bad accident due to a DUI. Unfortunately, even with a high fatality rate relating to drunk driving, there are still many people who take the risk and decide to drive while drunk. Do not make this mistake! It can ruin your life and your future. Say no to drunk driving and keep yourself and other motorists safe.


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