Dealing with Stress When Your Charges Are Pending

Having Pending Criminal Charges is Extremely Stressful.

Here are some practical ways to deal with the stress:

Tell someone who believes in you about your charges. For most people, that is a spouse or significant other. A family member or friend is an excellent substitute if you don’t have a spouse or significant other. You will need this person for invaluable emotional support in the days ahead.

Explore other ways to obtain money. You will probably need more money to pay your attorney, fines, and fees. Other ways to make money could include taking on extra work, getting a second job, obtaining a home equity line of credit, or signing up for contract work through

Brainstorm the potential problems a criminal conviction can cause you and try to solve them now. For example, you may need someone to take temporary custody of your child while you are incarcerated. You should reach out to family members now to solve this problem instead of waiting until after you are sentenced.

Continue living your life without committing any more crimes. Don’t put your life on hold just because your criminal charges are pending.

Plan fun events that you can enjoy and participate in now. These fun events should not involve drinking too much, using drugs, excessive spending, or any other activity that isn’t legal or moral.

Eliminate unnecessary spending. Unnecessary spending causes additional stress that you don’t need. Some examples are cable TV, designer clothes, the latest iphone, gym membership, Starbucks coffee, buying DVDs, and eating out all the time.

Brainstorm how to get your needs and wants met for little or no money. For example, you need and want to keep watching new DVD movies but have decided it’s unnecessary to keep buying them. Apply for a public library card and start checking them out for free instead.

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You may have noticed a common theme: these tips all require you to do something positive instead of sitting around worrying and feeling sorry for yourself. Doing something positive helps distract you from your stress. Many times, it will even relieve your stress. Try it!

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