Offline Ways to Raise Money for Legal Defense

Crowdfunding online may not be an option for you for several reasons.  Perhaps you don’t need to raise that much money for your legal defense.  Maybe you don’t want the invasion of privacy that comes with crowdfunding.  You might not have a Facebook or other necessary social media accounts required for crowdfunding.  Whatever your reasons,

here are some offline ways to raise money for your legal defense:

Credit cards:

Many defense attorneys accept credit card payments.  You may be able to open a new credit card account even if you have bad credit by googling “high limit unsecured credit cards”.  

Home equity line of credit:  

You can use an existing home equity line of credit or apply for a new home equity line of credit to help pay for your legal defense.

Loans from relatives and friends:  

You probably have to swallow your pride in order to get loans from your relatives and friends.  However, they are unlikely to charge you an exorbitant interest rate and may even give you money with no strings attached.  

Credit union personal line of credit or loan:

You may be able to open a personal line of credit or get a personal loan through one of these credit unions in Maricopa County:  MariSol Federal Credit Union; Arizona Federal Credit Union; Desert Financial Credit Union; SunWest Federal Credit Union; and TruWest Credit Union.

Vehicle title loan:  

You may qualify for a vehicle title loan on a car, truck, SUV, RV, ATV, motorcycle, watercraft, or boat that you own even if you have bad credit or are still making payments.  Google “vehicle title loans Maricopa County” to find a vehicle title loan company.

Garage sale:  

If you have a lot of possessions, you may want to sell them in a garage sale.  You could advertise it for free on Craigslist.

Sell or get a loan on your jewelry or other upscale possessions:  

You may be able to sell or get a loan on your jewelry or other upscale possessions.  Google “upscale pawn and loan Maricopa County” for businesses that do this.

Find a part time job or side gig:  

This may be an option if you’re currently unemployed or retired, enjoy good or great physical and mental health, and don’t have children or other relatives needing daily care.  If you’re stumped about where to begin, think about what you’ve enjoyed doing in the past, talk to friends and relatives about possible part time jobs or side gigs that might work for you, and do research on the internet.  

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced defense attorney who charges a reasonable legal fee to defend you.  Attorney Gary Rohlwing has over thirty years experience and charges reasonable legal fees. Please call him today for a free consultation.


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