Developing a Solid Defense with Your Lawyer

A solid criminal defense strategy for your case will most likely take shape after your lawyer has obtained more information on the prosecutor’s evidence and strategy. As each criminal prosecution is unique, there is no single defense strategy that will work for all types of misdemeanor cases. The strategy may change during the course of the criminal trial proceedings.

For instance, if the prosecutor tries to establish that you were at the crime scene, your lawyer may ask you questions when you testify that show that you were somewhere else when the crime took place. He will further refine this strategy depending on how you answer and react to the prosecutor’s cross-examination questions.  

This does not mean that you and your lawyer need to concoct false stories just to prove your innocence. In general, an honest and open client-lawyer relationship often leads to a solid defense. Bear in mind that the truth in the eyes of a prosecutor is not necessarily the same truth that the defendant sees. In a criminal prosecution, various versions of the truth may exist, and none of them may be considered as lies.

In the prosecutor’s version of the truth, the defendant committed premeditated murder.  In the defendant’s version, he killed the victim in self defense. A good criminal defense attorney will work with the defendant to come up with a story, based on the truth, which will depict the defendant in the best possible light. Even if the defendant pleads or is found guilty, he may be convicted of a lesser charge or receive a lesser sentence.


The Criminal Defense’s Version of the Truth

Good criminal felony defense lawyer like Gary Rohlwing and Associates are experts in telling truthful stories in multiple ways. A defense lawyer and a prosecutor are actually using the same facts to come up with two different versions of the truth. Ultimately, the case will depend on how the defendant and his lawyer come up with the most plausible story for the client’s particular situation.

A good criminal defense attorney ensures that the truthful story has the following characteristics:

  • Basing it on truthful evidence – If the defendant’s car, for example, is used as a getaway vehicle, the attorney may prove that the car was forcefully taken from the defendant at gunpoint earlier before the crime was committed.
  • Winning the sympathy of the jury or judge – If the defendant tried to report the potential crime to the police or attempted to leave the scene before the crime was committed, he will probably win the sympathy of the jury or judge.
  • Proving plausibly why the defendant’s version of the truthful story is actually what happened – If the defendant claims not to be at the crime scene at the time of the crime, his story must plausibly establish why he was not at the crime scene.

The defendant’s version of the truthful story must be based on the evidence, portray him as sympathetic, and prove plausibly why his version is true. Before presenting the story in court, the defense attorney must work closely with the defendant to make sure that the truthful story is solid. Contact the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing for a free initial consultation.

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