Arizona Terms Of Standard Probation

Standard probation as part of a felony sentence in Arizona is very common. Arizona enacted The Uniform Conditions of Supervised Probation incorporating Evidence-Based Principles on January 1, 2011, to be used in all superior courts. The information below is from the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration implementing the Uniform Conditions of Supervised Probation which is found at

Some of the Uniform Conditions of Supervised Probation are:

  • Maintaining a crime-free lifestyle by obeying all laws and not engaging or participating in any criminal activity;
  • Not possessing or controlling any stun guns, tasers, firearms, ammunition, deadly or prohibited weapons as defined in A.R.S. § 13-3101;
  • Reporting any contact with law enforcement to the Adult Probation Department within 72 (or ___) hours;
  • Submitting to search and seizure of person and property by the Adult Probation Department without a warrant;
  • Reporting to the Adult Probation Department within 72 (or ___) hours of sentencing, absolute discharge from prison, release from incarceration, or residential treatment and continue to report as directed; keeping Adult Probation Department advised of progress toward case plan goals and comply with any written directive of the Adult Probation Department to enforce compliance with the conditions of probation; providing a sample for DNA testing if required by law;
  • Providing the Adult Probation Department safe, unrestricted access to my residence and receiving prior approval of the Adult Probation Department before changing my residence; residing in a residence approved by the Adult Probation Department;
  • Requesting and obtaining written permission of the Adult Probation Department prior to leaving the state (___ county);
  • Actively participating and cooperating in any program of counseling or assistance as determined by Adult Probation Department, or as required by law, given assessment results and/or my behavior; signing any release or consent required by the Adult Probation Department so the Adult Probation Department can exchange information in relation to my treatment, behavior and activities;
  • Not possessing or using illegal drugs or controlled substances and submitting to drug and alcohol testing as directed by the Adult Probation Department;
  • Obtaining written approval of the Adult Probation Department prior to associating with anyone I know who has a criminal record; not knowingly associating with any person engaged in criminal behaviors;
  • Seeking, obtaining, and maintaining employment, if legally permitted to do so, and/or attend school; informing the Adult Probation Department of any changes within 72 hours;
  • Being financially responsible by paying all restitution, fines, and fees in my case as imposed by the Court. I understand, if I do not pay any restitution in full, the Court may extend my probation.

Discretionary terms of probation begin at term 16 which when checked means that the probationer is not allowed to consume or possess any substances containing alcohol. Other discretionary terms are:

  • Hours of community restitution;
  • Days in jail;
  • No contact with victim;
  • Complying with sanctions based on my behavior such as community restitution hours and days in jail in addition to hours and days already ordered;
  • Abiding by the attached special conditions of probation: intensive probation, domestic violence, mental health, sex offender, drug court, DUI Court/Program, Gang, or any other special conditions filled in by the Court.

You may have questions about how the Adult Probation Department interprets these conditions or if you should accept a plea that includes standard probation. If you are facing a sentence that includes standard probation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Attorney Gary Rohlwing has over three decades of experience. Call him today for a free initial consultation.

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