TASC Diversion Program

If you are charged with a first or second felony drug possession crime in Maricopa County, you are probably eligible for the Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) diversion program.  TASC diversion gives you an opportunity to avoid having a felony conviction for drug possession. Below is more information taken directly from their website at www.tascsolutions.org:ty

TASC Diversion Program

“With an average success rate of 75 percent, a long-term study by Arizona State University indicates that participants successfully completing the TASC adult diversion program have a significantly lower rate of recidivism than non-participants. To date, more than 34,000 successful cases have been treated through TASC Diversion, saving county resources and allowing participants to avoid a felony conviction.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) offers TASC Diversion to individuals who:

  1. Face felony drug possession charge(s)
  2. Do NOT contest their guilt
  3. Would likely benefit from a community treatment program

Through close communication with the MCAO, TASC’s deferred prosecution program provides programming to meet each individual’s needs. Those who voluntarily participate and successfully complete TASC Diversion will either have the case dropped with no charges filed or have the charges dismissed with prejudice.”

The website then discusses their possession of marijuana and possession of a narcotic or dangerous drug programs:


Those dealing with marijuana charges will take part in the Possession of Marijuana program for up to six months. This includes drug screening, education and counseling.

3-Hour Drug Education Seminar

Clients are required to attend the drug education seminar one time.

Substance Abuse Counseling

If a client shows a new usage for marijuana or tests positive for any other illegal substance (including prescription drugs that are not verified with a valid prescription), the client will be referred for substance abuse counseling assessment and services (group or individual sessions).


Individuals enrolled in the Possession of Narcotic or Dangerous Drugs program participate for at least one year and have monthly contact with case managers. This program includes screening, education, counseling and self-help meetings.

3-Hour Drug Education Seminar

Clients are required to attend the drug education seminar one time.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Individuals will be referred for substance abuse counseling assessment and services (group or individual sessions) while in the program. All clients must successfully complete substance abuse counseling.

Self-Help/Support Group Meetings

Clients must attend 12-step meetings with AA, NA, CMA or a similar organization. Meetings are held seven days a week and are free to attend. Clients are not restricted to a certain meeting (e.g., if they have a cocaine charge, the client doesn’t have to attend NA) and are encouraged to try different options until they feel comfortable with one. TASC recommends clients obtain a sponsor for additional support when needed.

Monthly Contact

Each person who enters the program is assigned a case manager. Throughout the duration of the program, clients are required to maintain monthly contact with case managers to discuss meeting program requirements. Depending on the client’s progress and his or her proximity to the assigned case manager, phone or email contact may be acceptable options.

Besides monitoring and tracking client involvement, the case manager is also a source of support and provides community referrals as needed.”

Should you agree to TASC diversion?  Only an experienced attorney can help you answer that question.  Attorney Gary Rohlwing has over three decades of experience. Please call him today for a free consultation.

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