Domestic Violence and Abuse Effect on the Relationship

One of the most difficult parts of the legal statutes of any state is understanding what is meant by domestic violence and domestic abuse. Both of these terms are used in the statutes of Arizona law and those of other states of the U.S.

Each of the terms refers to acts intended to harm an individual who is involved in a relationship with the perpetrator. Domestic issues can often escalate and impact a range of issues, including child custody and visitation rights.

A Threat to Health

When we think about the issues of domestic incidents, we must consider the problem of violence being committed against one person within a relationship.

Whether this is a spouse, former spouse, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, violence will lead to charges brought regarding domestic incidents. In the past, domestic incidents were often seen as a grey area in the law but, in the 21st-century, the majority of states, including Arizona, have included these laws in their statutes.

The Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing will be able to provide support and assistance for those who are involved in a domestic incident which leads to charges being brought against one or both partners in a relationship.

The passing of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994 by the Federal Government is often seen as a watershed moment in the battle against violence in domestic situations, but there is still work to be done to protect every person from domestic incidents.

Damage to Material Objects

Many states expanded their terminology regarding domestic incidents to allow the legal sector to discuss damage to material objects. This change has been important because the legal sector and social commentators are seeing the widespread issue of the expansion of violence to the property owned by a person in a relationship. This can include damage done to a vehicle, home, or belongings of one person in a relationship by the other.

One of the charges that may be seen is arson, where one partner in a relationship burns the property of the other out of anger or in order to maintain control of them. The expansion of the many laws around the U.S. regarding domestic violence can now include intent to cause harm and it includes child abuse in the laws of most states across the nation.

What is Classed as a Relationship?

When children face violence and are a part of charges brought because of a domestic incident, the person involved is usually a parent, stepparent, or guardian of the child. Alongside spouses and ex-spouses, a person is often classed as being in a relationship if they have an ongoing sexual relationship with the other person involved.

When domestic incidents take place, the stress and strain caused by these charges can be great and you may want or require a respected attorney to fight in your corner. Domestic incidents will often bring up the history of the couple and family involved, meaning unhappy memories can be brought to the surface for all involved. Gary L. Rohlwing is ready and able to fight to make sure your story is heard.

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