Understanding the Types of Criminal Damage Offenses

There are various criminal charges one can face in the state of Arizona. The penalties for the charges often vary depending on the criminal offence. For instance, if a person is charged with criminal damage, this can mean that they are charged with damaging or defacing property that is not theirs, or it can mean that they “tampered” with a property that belongs to another person. It’s a broad charge.

criminal in court
It’s always important to understand what you are being charged with. Sometimes people are arrested and they don’t understand the charges they are facing. Understanding the various criminal charges that exist not only helps you avoid committing them but makes you more aware of your rights and what you are dealing with in case you are charged with the crime.

For instance, you might be surprised to know that you can be accused of criminal damage to property co-owned with your spouse.

But, with proper knowledge and an experienced criminal defense lawyer, it will be easier to fight against the allegations levelled against you.

Below are the 6 types of criminal damage:

1. Reckless damage to another person’s property

– This is a situation where a person intentionally or unintentionally damages the property of another person. If the person whose property has been damaged files a lawsuit, then the defendant is likely to be ordered by the court to pay for the damages caused.

2. Damaging property owned by a utility

– Although it doesn’t happen commonly, anyone found guilty of damaging property belonging to a utility can face criminal charges.

3. Tampering with property with the intention of impairing its value

– Tampering with property here doesn’t necessarily refer to physical or permanent damaging of property. It may also involve tampering of property in a manner that they can still be fixed or reversed – provided the value of the property has been affected in some way.

4. Reckless drawing or writing graffiti on another person’s building without their express permission.

– The owner of the building can hire a criminal attorney and launch a lawsuit to charge the person who commits such an offence. The judge will review the case based on facts presented and decide the amount of monetary compensation to award the plaintiff if they win.

5. Parking a vehicle or vehicles in a manner that deprives water to livestock

– This charge rarely occurs but can attract serious criminal charges to anyone found culpable.

6. Intentional tampering of property belonging to a utility

– This is another type of criminal damage that can attract serious penalties. As long as the criminal damage charge is proved, the person found guilty may be ordered by the court to either restore the damaged property or pay a certain amount of money.

These are the types of criminal damage which you can be charged within Arizona. Most people aren’t aware that these charges even exist when they are arrested. Though most people are vaguely aware that you shouldn’t mess with a property that isn’t theirs, they have no idea the potential backlash they might face if they do so.

If you are arrested, the best thing to do is to contact an Arizona lawyer from the Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing who can help you fight the charges.

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