How Do I Seal My Criminal Record in Arizona?

A lingering criminal record can have lasting and, above all, unwanted impacts on those with such backgrounds. Arizona criminal defence lawyer Gary L. Rohlwing wants potential clients to know these unenviable past histories might be removed when performed in accordance with established regulations.

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Criminal Record Sealing in Arizona

Common legal terminology often employed to describe the erasure or abolishing of a criminal record include expunging or sealing. That said, these acts are not performed in Arizona.

In accordance with regulations established by the state’s legislature, one possessing a criminal cannot have said documentation or formal charges expunged or sealed off until said subject reaches age 99.

Setting Aside Criminal Records

Even though criminal record sealing or expunging is not permissible, all hope is not lost for Arizona citizens with these kinds of records. State statutes allow individuals in question to appeal to a criminal court to have their records set aside.

However, said events do not merely happen. Setting aside a criminal history requires those hoping to be granted such privileges partake in a multi-step process and meet certain consideration guidelines.

The Process

The process’s first stage involves filing a petition with a court. The legal body will then determine whether to take said action after considering several important factors.

Criteria Appealing Individual Must Meet

An Arizona lawyer wants prospective clients to understand that there are certain offenses that will eliminate their chances of having their histories set aside.

Specific examples include crimes in which the victims sustained serious injuries, acts performed to satisfy sexual urges, traffic violations occurring when the perpetrator’s license was suspended or revoked, events when the convicted subject used a deadly weapon or brandished such an item while committing the offence, and if the victim was 15-years-old or younger.

Should the preceding criteria be met, appealing subjects must additionally demonstrate that the previously convicted person met all of the mandates set forth in their sentence.

This includes serving a specific incarceration term, completed any required substance abuse or alcohol rehabilitation programs, served probation, or attending miscellaneous programs like anger management courses.

Additionally, the subject in question must not have any further convictions over a period ranging from three to six months following their release.

Benefits of Having A Criminal Record Set Aside

A criminal record can inhibit an individual in numerous ways. From a professional standpoint, such backgrounds could significantly limit one’s chances of securing or maintaining meaningful employment.

On a personal level, criminal backgrounds might preclude impacted individuals from exercising their right to vote, finding suitable housing, bearing arms, and enjoying certain other privileges.

Retaining A Criminal Lawyer’s Assistance

Considering the adverse influence a criminal record can have, convincing a court to set such histories aside could prove crucial to a former convict’s future. Therefore, retaining an experienced criminal attorney is an important part of working to have your record set aside.

Said professional can review an individual’s case, help determine their eligibility, and help a client prepare documentary evidence demonstrating all necessary criteria have been satisfied.

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