Why Hire the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing for Your DUI Case in Sun City

Have You Been Charged With a DUI in Sun City, AZ and Need a Good Lawyer?

Our justice system is designed to achieve justice while protecting the plaintiff’s rights and the rights of the accused during the entire process. For this reason, every citizen has the right to hire an attorney to represent them and pursue his or her interest as an accused.

However, many people inadvertently squander this right by hiring inexperienced or unqualified attorneys. The effect is that such individuals tilt the possibility of a favorable outcome to the plaintiff’s side whilst causing an opposite effect on their side. One of the possible consequences of such a scenario is a judgment that is very harsh to the defendant.

To avert such scenarios from happening in your case involving drunk driving, be it a DUI or DWI, you should always ensure that you hire the best attorney possible. In this regard, Gary L. Rohlwing is one of most revered lawyers in Arizona with a track record and history of dealing with criminal defense cases.

Several Reasons For Hiring Gary L. Rohlwing

Hiring a DUI lawyer in Sun City should not be a case of the fast find, fast hire basis. On the contrary, it should be a case of hiring the most capable lawyer there is. To this end, herein is a brush over of Rohlwing’s profile which will give you a idea of his competency and capabilities of handling drunk driving cases and the reasons you should hire him.

#1. He Is Experienced – Gary L Rohlwing has practiced his trade for over a 30 years, amassing tremendous and invaluable experience while dealing with criminal defense cases. Additionally, he has been the attorney of record for over 3,000 cases. Mr. Rohlwing has also practiced law as a prosecutor for both Peoria and Phoenix. This means he understands both sides of the case, the prosecutor and the defense.

Keeping in mind that every drunk driving case is unique; handling drunk driving cases has given Mr. Rohlwing a very wide perspective when it comes to dealing with drunk driving defense. This element in itself plays a huge role in ensuring that his clients in Sun City receive the most favorable outcome from the case.

#2. Competent – Beyond being very experienced, he is also very competent. Rohlwing attended the University of Arizona Law School in the year 1981. This laid the foundation for his illustrious career in practicing law. Moreover, he has been a member of the Maricopa County Bar Association as well as the State Bar of Arizona. Having practiced law as a prosecutor gives him insights on the best ways to defend against the prosecutor’s argument in the case of a trial, which is an invaluable trait to have in your lawyer. Finally, he is a licensed Arizona attorney with over 30 years of experience!

#3. His Hands On Approach – many lawyers have a tendency of accepting cases only for them to pick up the file and hand it over to another person in the office, which in many cases is an associate. While not demeaning the quality of skills and expertise of associates, it is true to mention that no one is quite comfortable with paying a lawyer for his or her services only to receive the services from an associate.

To avert client dissatisfaction that may arise from such scenarios, Gary Rohlwing handles all his own cases personally, even the drunk driving cases. This is his personal touch with which he handles cases is a unique attribute that he has built his reputation on, and, therefore, he has no intention of letting it go.

Contact Gary L Rohlwing for the best defense possible in cases involving drunk driving in and around Sun City, AZ. Call the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing for a free initial case consultation at (623) 937-1692.

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