Why You Need to Hire The Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing for Your Drunk Driving Case?

One of the main benefits associated with hiring a drunk driving lawyer is that you will understand the consequences and the rules related to your arrest. Some of the consequences you face are jail time, having to pay a significant fine or losing your driver’s license. A skilled lawyer that specializes in DUI and DWI cases can help you lessen these charges and in some instances avoid them all together.

When you use a lawyer such as Gary Rohlwing, he is experienced and regularly practices DWI and DUI law. He is also well aware of the applicable laws, the local-prosecutors, the defenses and the options that are related to your Litchfield Park court case that occurred. This allows your lawyer to present your case in the best way possible to possibly reduce your sentencing or penalty or even have your DUI charge dismissed.

However, over the last few years, more and more of the states have started to crack down heavily on drunk-driving offenses in regards to imposing harsher sentencing and stiffer penalties, particularly on the future “drunk driving” convictions. Today even misdemeanor convictions for drunk-driving have the ability to impact heavily on your criminal record and your life in relation to mandatory jail-sentences along with a lengthy suspension on your driver’s license. For these reasons it becomes extremely important to take the right steps to decrease the impact associated with a DUI on you and your loved ones.

How We Can Help as Your DUI Defense in Litchfield Park

One of the main advantages of an excellent drunk driving lawyer such as Gary Rohlwing in Litchfield Park is that he knows the legal standards and rules along with the local procedures and court customs. He knows this information in detail when it comes to prosecutions related to driving while you are intoxicated. Family lawyers may be able to assist with draft pleadings, but may not be aware of the current requirements such as sobriety check-points, breath tests, field-sobriety tests and blood draws.

When a lawyer or attorney does not specialize in the latest technology and DUI laws, they may not be in the position to identify various issues associated to your specific case that could impact either dismissal of a case or perhaps a lighter or lesser sentence. In addition, when you use the right lawyer, you are able to save on unnecessary costs as the lawyer will be experienced with the substantive laws that are associated with your case as well as the right evidence to look out for.

Lawyers such as Gary Rohlwing in Litchfield Park, AZ may be able to represent your case to the bureau or state motor-vehicle department on license-suspension hearings. These lawyers are efficient in knowing what type of defense will carry weight and what does not which assists in presenting your case more persuasively and effectively than you are able to.

The Options For Handling DUI With Drunk Driving Lawyers

The majority of individuals think that there are only two options to consider which involve going to trail or a plea. A great DUI attorney can tell you about your local options. An example: many of the counties use specialized DUI programs. This means that if you decide to enter one of these programs you are able to “earn” either dismissal or a reduced sentence.

Drunk driving lawyers are aware of the players that will be involved in the DUI prosecution. This includes the judge, the prosecutor and the local officer. This means that your lawyer will know the arguments that will appeal to the prosecutor than you would know if you had to represent yourself. These factors are extremely important when you are faced with a DUI or DWI charge. In many cases, domestic violence is also involved with DUI and public intoxication cases. Call the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing for a free initial case consultation at (623) 937-1692.

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