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Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

According to the American Friends Service Committee-Arizona, “Collateral consequences” are legal punishments and other restrictions imposed on people because of their criminal convictions that are in addition to any term of incarceration, fines, fees or supervision imposed by the courts as punishment for the crimes. As Gabriel Chin wrote in “The New Civil Death: Rethinking Punishment in the Era of Mass Conviction”: “As a practical matter, every criminal sentence contains the following unwritten term: The law regards you as having a “shattered character.” Therefore, in addition to any incarceration or fine, you are subject to legal restrictions and limitations on your civil rights, conduct, employment, residence, and relationships. For the rest of your life, the United States and any State or locality where you travel or reside may impose, at any time, additional restrictions and limitations they deem warranted. Their power to do so is limited only by their reasonable discretion. They may also require you to pay the expense of these restrictions and limitations.” Even a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence can have the following collateral consequences: Federal prohibited possessor of a firearm; Loss of employment and career opportunities; loss of child custody; loss of immigration status; future felony prosecution; and Potential civil liability to victim’s landlord if victim breaks lease according to A.R.S. § 33-1318(A). The collateral consequences of domestic violence convictions in Arizona are wide ranging and serious. Defense attorney Gary Rohlwing has decades of experience in helping clients mitigate the collateral consequences of their domestic violence convictions. Call or e-mail him today. Cities We Provide Domestic Violence Case Assistance: Glendale Case Assistance Peoria DV Cases Avondale Cases Goodyear DV Defense Surprise Services   Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing 7112 N 55th Ave Glendale, AZ 85301 (623) 937-1692  

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Gary L. Rohlwing – Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse Attorney

If you are charged with domestic violence and your substance abuse is part of the problem, you may be able to get a lesser penalty by presenting clear evidence of how it affected your brain and caused the domestic violence.  Your lawyer should be able to: Show that your substance abuse caused the domestic violence because it negatively affected your judgment. Convince the court that you need counseling and/or substance abuse treatment and that you are very willing to actively participate in any court-ordered treatment. Demonstrate that a criminal conviction will negatively impact your rehabilitation efforts.   How Alcohol and Drugs Lead to Bad Decisions The following information can help in creating a credible defense and why you need an experienced substance abuse attorney to help you: According to experts, the problem with alcohol is that those who engage in habitual drinking apparently aren’t bothered by the consequences of their behavior. You know that you’re making mistakes but don’t care. Know your consumption limits. Know also that alcohol is a depressant and dehydrates your body. There are body chemicals involved in alcohol abuse. Alcohol in the blood induces your brain to command your body to produce chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. These chemicals cause the heart to beat faster and enhance the senses, making you more sensitive to lights and sounds. Substance abuse impairs judgment according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Chemicals from drugs disrupt the communication system of the brain and change the way information is processed. Under these conditions, your brain is forced to tell your body to produce more transmitters.   After detecting abnormally high amounts of neurotransmitters, your brain will automatically tell your body to halt production. The process causes you to increase drug consumption to compensate for the inadequate supply of neurotransmitters. Consumption will become more frequent and in higher quantities. When you’re clearly dependent on the substance, you can go to great lengths to satisfy your need for drugs and may commit crimes in order to satisfy that need. Note that these NIDA-listed drugs have the following effects: Marijuana: Short attention span, impaired short-term memory, and drowsiness. Cocaine: Mood disturbances, anxiety, erratic behavior, paranoia, and euphoria. Meth/LSD (stimulants): Hostility, psychosis, anxiety, and increased attention to details. Xanax (Depressants): Drowsiness. Heroin/Oxycodone (opioids): Cloudy thinking, alternating drowsy and alert states, and euphoria.   It is important that you hire a law firm that has extensive experience handling domestic violence cases involving substance abuse. The Law Office of Gary L. Rohlwing has been very successful in obtaining lesser penalties for their clients or in reaching an amicable settlement where the charges did not result in a full-blown case. Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing 7112 N 55th Ave Glendale, AZ 85301 (623) 937-1692

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What You Need to Look For When Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

Arguments happen in families and domestic relationships. However, when emotions intensify and a small dispute escalates into a full-blown physical or verbal battle that may include intimidation, threats, hitting, and shoving, it becomes an entirely different story. When abuse, assault or other types of crime happen in a domestic relationship and police are called, the alleged perpetrator may be charged with domestic violence.   False Allegations Unlike in years past, cases of domestic violence are now taken quite seriously by the courts. The topic has become so highly politicized that it has provided many opportunities for false allegations. It is not uncommon to hear about a case where the alleged victim lied to get revenge against a philandering domestic partner or to get even for other perceived wrong-doings in the relationship.   Scope of Domestic Violence By itself, domestic violence is not a crime. The allegation of “domestic violence” enhances charges for an abuse or crime committed by an alleged perpetrator against an alleged victim who is a past or current significant other, a past or current spouse, a child or grandchild, a sibling, a parent or grandparent, or an in-law. In Arizona, abusive behavior can be classified as domestic violence if the alleged victim is in a domestic relationship with the alleged perpetrator and experiences assault, sexual assault, intimidation, stalking, harassment, threats, malicious mischief, trespassing, criminal damage or violation of a protective order.   The Right Domestic Violence Attorney A conviction for a crime deemed domestic violence brings far-reaching repercussions; therefore, you need to face it head on with all possible legal weapons in your arsenal. This includes working with the most professional domestic violence defense lawyer around.  You will need a lawyer with sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience in handling similar cases. Your lawyer must have the following qualities: Answers your post-arrest phone call- People are usually confused, scared, and do not know what to do immediately after their arrest and that is the time they need their lawyer most. Because your future is in jeopardy the moment you are arrested, your lawyer should answer your post-arrest phone call as soon as possible to help you protect your rights and to answer your questions.   Understands and believes you – As discussed above, false domestic violence allegations are common these days. Your family, friends, and  community will start to doubt you just because you have been charged. Your attorney must understand and have faith in you. Good defense attorneys like Gary Rohlwing and Associates will understand the difficult ordeal you are experiencing. Has successfully handled similar cases – Your case may be complex, depending on the issues, strategies, and evidence involved. Only an experienced lawyer can expertly sift through all matters involved in your case and use them to your advantage. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, immediately get in touch with the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing and see what can be done about your case. Attorney Gary Rohlwing has handled hundreds of domestic violence … Continue reading

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Why You May Need A Domestic Violence Attorney To Represent You

Have you been accused of domestic violence? Need an attorney to help you? You may have even been arrested from a domestic violence case. While arguing with your partner or someone else in your family, neighbors could have called the police, and the person that you were originally arguing with may have filed a complaint. However, it is not illegal to argue with someone. If you believe you are innocent and have not caused harm to anyone, you need to fight for your rights. After all, you are completely innocent until the court system can prove otherwise. In fact, even if you were in a domestic dispute, you may have just been trying to protect yourself because the other person was in your face or attempting to cause bodily harm to you at that moment. You have every right to try to protect yourself if you feel like you are in some kind of danger. It is important to contact a legal professional to help you with your domestic violence case. You certainly do not want to go at it alone, especially if you do not know too much about your rights. When you do not have the legal advice, you could end up making mistakes that cost you in the long run and cause you to end up in trouble, even though you do not deserve to be in trouble. If you would like to get help immediately, consider contacting the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing. Our office is here to guide you through the legal process and make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible during this difficult time. Even though you have been accused of something as serious as domestic violence, it does not mean that you are guilty of the crime. You should not have to receive punishment for something that you did not even do. The punishments for domestic violence will vary from case to case. However, there are few different things that you may end up having to deal with if you do not have a professional attorney by your side. For example, you may be expected to pay some expensive fines. And, the person accusing you of the violence may try to make you look bad in court so that you end up losing some valuable time with your children. Learn more about our domestic violence services and cases at You could have your custodial rights revoked or changed. If the judge is made to believe that you are a violent person, he or she may require you to see your children at a local visitation facility for supervised visits instead of allowing you to take them on your own. There have been plenty of cases where the individual accused of the crime ends up in jail because they were unable to properly represent themselves in court. Do not be that person who faces the repercussions because you did not have legal help. The best thing you can do is keep … Continue reading

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