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Learn Some Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney

An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) can be a stressful situation. Even though the accused individual maintains the right to represent their interest in court, it is essential to hire a DUI attorney as quickly as possible. This is because they can provide the legal counsel and offer their experience in handling DUI cases to minimize the penalties and fees.

There are four significant benefits to hiring an experienced reputable DUI attorney soon after the arrest of an alcohol-related charge or DUI. These include:

Experience in Criminal Justice

A skillful DUI attorney can offer the accused peace of mind. This is because the lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system and can handle every step of the process. A seasoned attorney specializing in DUI charges can determine the weakness and strength of the case and calculate the best methods of proceeding forward in a defense.

Preserving Evidence

In nearly every jurisdiction, the attorney can gather video evidence of the arrest from the dash cam of the arresting officers vehicle, and the gathering of evidence in a breath test room. In cases involving blood test, the attorney can file a motion in court to maintain the sample, to be uses supporting evidence against the charge.

Investigating the Case

It is essential that the attorney begin investigating every aspect of the case as quickly as possible. This is important because witnesses will need to be interviewed, evidence gathered, and an investigative team assembled to start building a defense against the criminal charges.

A More Successful Outcome

Studies indicate that individuals that hire a DUI attorney right away often achieve a more successful outcome to their case. This is because the attorney has the experience in negotiating with the prosecuting attorney. If the breath test shows to be 0.09, and the sobriety test taken in the field is inconclusive, the prosecutor might be convinced to reduce the charge of a standard DUI to a lesser offense, possibly reckless driving. This could produce a successful outcome because it would have a sentencing that is far less harsh than a typical driving under the influence charge.

A Second Offense

Individuals that have been arrested on a second offense for a DUI can benefit greatly by hiring experienced DUI attorney. This is because there are extensive harsh penalties involved for a second offender, and often extensive jail time sentencing.

Hiring the Attorney

It is essential to hire an experienced DUI attorney that has a comprehensive understanding of drunk driving laws in the state. Most attorneys will offer a free initial consultation to help evaluate the case, and how to proceed against the charge. It is often best to speak with at least two different attorneys before making a final decision on how the lawyer can best represent the client in your case.

Through supportive and comprehensive legal representation, an experienced DUI attorney provides a variety of options in defending the case. Many attorneys that specialize in DUI cases are involved in first time offenses, repeat offenses, and felony drunk driving/DUI cases that often bring with it significant penalties and prison or jail time.
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