How Much Will A DUI Conviction Really Cost You?

Driving under the influence of alcohol, which is often abbreviated as DUI, is a serious offence capable of resulting in stiff penalties impacting numerous aspects of your personal, professional, and financial health.


Overview of Arizona DUI Offenses

In Arizona, DUI charges are levied depending upon the severity of the act. State laws differentiate offences into three distinct categories: a simple DUI, extreme DUI, and super extreme DUI.

You can be arrested for a simple DUI if your blood alcohol content is found to be .08 or higher when subjected to field sobriety tests. Blood alcohol contents measured to be .15 warrants arrest for extreme DUI. Measures reading .20 or greater will yield a super extreme DUI arrest.

What Does a Conviction Cost?

The specific incarceration periods, fines, and other penalties you might face will hinge on the DUI category you were charged with, whether you had prior DUI arrests or convictions, and your overall criminal record.

That said, the first conviction for a simple DUI carries a maximum six-month and minimum incarceration of 10 days. However, it’s possible for a full nine days of this minimum jail sentence to be reduced following a professional alcohol assessment.

In addition, the convicted individual will be required to remit $1,250 in fines. Moreover, the individual in question’s license is automatically suspended for 90 days.

Subsequent simple DUI convictions often result in longer jail terms, steeper fines, and subjection to license revocation, community service, and mandatory attendance in an alcohol education or treatment programs.

A first extreme DUI conviction will cost you thousands of dollars in fines, anywhere from 30 days in jail to six months in prison, suspension of driving privileges, having an ignition interlocking device placed into your vehicle, and required attendance in counselling or rehabilitation programs, along with the requirement that you cover the costs for some of these punishments.

Future convictions carry mandatory 120 days in prison, several thousand dollars in fines, license suspension, and other miscellaneous penalties. Should you be convicted of a first super extreme offence, you must spend 45 days in jail, shell out more than $3,000 in fines, and be subjected to other penalties like license suspension.

Future super extreme offences mandate 180-day jail sentences, possibly tens of thousands worth of fines, and other serious punishments.

Reasons to Contact A DUI Lawyer

Some might believe a DUI arrest is an open and shut matter. In actuality, however, an experienced DUI attorney can review your case’s facts and might be able to identify a suitable defence.

Such defences include improperly followed field sobriety protocols, inappropriate or unprofessional conduct by investigating law enforcement officials, improper storage or exchange of evidence like blood alcohol samples, failure of police to administer Miranda rights, a lack of probable cause to stop the accused, and medical conditions or medications that might impact blood alcohol readings.

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