What Should You Do If There’s a Warrant Out for Your Arrest?

Many people find out before an arrest is made that a warrant has been issued either for them or to search their property. These individuals typically only have two options, which are to find a hiding place to avoid being picked up by law enforcement officers or to turn themselves in at a police station. This does not necessarily require going to the office where the warrant was originated. Many states will assist other states with the process when the named defendant is willing to face the issue immediately. However, depending on the nature of the crime that the suspect has supposedly committed, sometimes it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney beforehand who can help negotiate an acceptable arrangement between all parties.

Out-of-State Warrants

One of the first scenarios where someone may not want to turn themselves in immediately to law enforcement after a warrant is issued is when they are not in the state where the warrant has been issued. State law enforcement agencies typically only serve out-of-state warrants in felony cases, but the final decision actually rests with the issuing state, which will bear the cost of extradition. Misdemeanor warrants will often be held until the suspect returns to the state of issuance, though they could still be classified as a fugitive from justice and arrested. In addition, the suspect can still be apprehended in their state of residence and held until the issuing state makes a decision on extradition. The nature of the criminal offense will matter significantly in the final decision.

Arizona Warrants

All Arizona law enforcement officers have jurisdiction within the state when a warrant is issued in any state county. Location does not matter, and neither does the criminal offense. Many suspects are arrested for potential crimes only for officers to learn that they have an outstanding warrant in another court within the state. It’s typically the best decision to turn yourself in when this is the case, but it is also a good idea to contact an Arizona criminal attorney when possible, because it can impact the outcome of the case dramatically. And this is especially important when bonding out of jail could be a problem.

Federal Warrants

While federal courts have primary jurisdiction when federal warrants are issued, Arizona law enforcement agencies can conduct arrests for the federal government when so directed. A federal warrant is very serious and having a criminal lawyer who is experienced in both state and federal law can be a real advantage when deciding not to run from authorities. Additionally, when a federal warrant exists, it may also encourage Arizona officials to conduct a search or investigation into the whereabouts of the fleeing suspect, which could result in additional charges.

Contact an Arizona Criminal Attorney

It’s never a good decision to avoid prosecution when you know there is an outstanding warrant on you anywhere in the nation. Seeking legal advice and representation is always the most prudent decision for any named suspect when a warrant has been issued. Suspects in Arizona should always call the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing in Phoenix for professional representation.

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