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Arizona County Attorneys’ Mentoring Tips for Prosecutors

The Arizona ethical rules for attorneys have special provisions that apply only to prosecutors. Sheila Polk, the Yavapai County Attorney, and Bill Montgomery, the Maricopa County Attorney, urge young prosecutors to live up to these special provisions in an opinion piece that they wrote for the April 2018 issue of Arizona Attorney magazine entitled “The My Last Word: Mentoring Tips From Prosecutors” which is found online at   They wrote about what it means to be a Minister of Justice: “With the title of Minister of Justice comes the grave responsibility of always seeking the truth, honoring the rights of the accused, and speaking up in the face of injustice. Prosecutors wield great power— the ability to strip an individual of liberty, and even of life itself. Our job is not about conviction rates but about ensuring, always, that justice is done. Never, ever, sacrifice your ethics for a conviction. Prosecutors—all attorneys, in fact—must remember always that your reputation is everything and your handshake is your word. Passions run high in the courtroom; don’t allow things to become personal or take things personally. Everyone has a job to do; leave differences behind and forge a reputation built on the trustworthiness of your handshake. Avoid the temptation to punish a defendant or adversary for their attorney’s conduct. And stay out of the mud no matter how vitriolic things become.” One of their practical tips is to avoid confirmation bias: Avoid confirmation bias—the tendency to search for, interpret, and recall information in a way that confirms preexisting beliefs. The first step in achieving justice is to have an open mind, to listen, and to honestly and fairly evaluate cases, whether for charging or settlement. Another practical tip is civility to others: “Life is about relationships—your family, your colleagues at work, police officers, victims of crime, defense attorneys and their clients, judges, and the incredibly competent administrative professionals working by our sides. Treat everyone with respect and civility. Be willing to reach out a hand, offer a smile, say thank you, admit your mistakes, hold open a door, and listen instead of cutting someone off. We can all be successful while practicing civility. Practice civility always.” Of course, prosecutors are human beings just like judges, victims, defendants, and defense attorneys. They will sometimes fail to live up to the tips above. A prosecutor may have a meltdown in court because a defendant pushed his buttons. Another may believe that a defendant is guilty of a sex crime against a child so that justifies callous behavior. Yet another may fall victim to confirmation bias against a defendant resulting in a plea offer that’s unduly punitive based on the evidence. It’s never a good idea to face the prosecutor alone. Attorney Gary Rohlwing has over thirty years experience dealing with prosecutors and is a former prosecutor. Gary knows the law and will help you protect your rights. Get a free initial consultation by calling Gary Rohwling today.   Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing … Continue reading

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Experienced, Compassionate Defense Attorney Now in Surprise, Arizona

Are You Looking For A DUI or Criminal Attorney In Surprise, AZ? Gary L. Rohlwing is now servicing Surprise, Arizona. Gary started his legal career as a prosecutor in the Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office. He realized that being a defense attorney would be more challenging and that people needed to be defended properly regardless of guilt or innocence. He also realized that his experience prosecuting crimes gave him insight into how the State operates. Over thirty years ago, he decided to go from prosecuting crimes to defending them. Gary has decades of experience defending DUI, drug offenses, domestic violence, burglary, theft, fraud and manslaughter cases. He has practiced in every court located in Maricopa County. Gary is kind, compassionate, and thorough. He treats all clients and their family members with dignity and respect. He does not judge clients at all. He listens to what clients and their family members tell him about their cases. DUI, drug offenses and domestic violence cases can be complex and confusing with many legal issues that may not be apparent from simply reading the police reports. He will thoroughly investigate every potential legal issue in a client’s case. Gary knows that every client wants a quality legal defense for a reasonable fee. He charges a reasonable fixed fee for every case. Interested in learning more? Visit the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing or call him at (623) 937-1692.   What Questions Should You ask a Potential DUI Attorney? Being charged with a DUI in Surprise, Arizona is a complicated, confusing experience. Even a misdemeanor DUI conviction can have consequences for your job, personal relationships, insurance rates, and privilege to drive. Learn about our practice areas at   Here are some questions you should ask before hiring a DUI attorney How much experience do you have with this type of DUI? Arizona has four basic types of DUI charges: misdemeanor DUI (blood alcohol content between to and .149), misdemeanor Extreme DUI (blood alcohol content between .15 and .199), misdemeanor Super Extreme DUI (blood alcohol content .20 and above), and felony Aggravated DUI. Make sure that any attorney you are considering hiring has experience dealing with your type of DUI. An attorney who has decades of experience dealing with your type of DUI is always a better choice than an attorney with little or no experience.   How much experience do you have with MVD hearings? You will have at least one suspension of your privilege to drive as a consequence of being charged with DUI. In some cases, MVD imposes a discretionary suspension in addition to the mandatory suspension. You may be able to obtain a to and from work driving permit during your period of suspension if you make a timely request for an MVD hearing and argue the right issues before the MVD hearing officer. Many attorneys who handle DUI cases do not help clients with their MVD hearings. It is extremely difficult to represent yourself at an MVD hearing since there is hardly … Continue reading

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Why Hire An Attorney That Was a Former Prosecutor

When people or companies get into a case, they always want to get the best representations possible. There are many attorneys out there, but people want an attorney they feel will represent them well and help them win their case. There are many different criteria people use when choosing an attorney they feel will represent them best. The criteria can be different, but the main objective is always the same, looking for one that will do their best to help them win. This is why people will spend a lot of time finding the best attorney to represent them. There are also many people who are blank on what they should be looking for when searching for an attorney. Obviously the first thing you have to do is go with an attorney who has handled similar cases in the past. There are many other factors that you can look for including the principles of the attorney. You need to have an attorney who you can trust during the entire process. One thing that many people have started to look for in an attorney is his/her past. Attorneys who have served as prosecutors in the past stands a better chance. This is because people are looking for people who can look at the case from two different points of view. This can largely help the case because they know how to present and counter evidence. A prosecutor is an attorney who is usually tasked to determine the type of charges to be filed against an individual accused of a crime and then proceeds to try the case in front of a judge or a grand jury. Prosecutors are usually supervised by The District Attorney who is usually elected by the residents. A prosecutor usually has tried cases from both sides of the court, giving a better understanding of how the trial process works. He/she know how the prosecution gathers related evidence, decisions on what charges to file and the building the case to proceed to trial. When the attorney knows this process, he/she knows where the prosecution is weak and this will in turn strengthen the case. Many of the former prosecutors have knowledge on how far the D.A may be pushed. The first plea is usually not accepted because there are better terms that can be agreed on. Having the knowledge on how the other side thinks will be a big advantage. This is important because this can make the sentencing or the judgment more lenient on you. In addition to knowing what the prosecution is thinking, a former prosecutor must have gone through the heavy load balance in the past. Defense attorneys usually have the number of cases that is brought to them. On the other hand, prosecutors have many cases brought to them by the state and most of the time can come a lot of cases at once. Due to this, they usually have no enough time to dig deep inside a case like the private attorneys. … Continue reading

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